River Travel Media is announcing the new La Crosse Local Podcast, a complementary piece to The La Crosse Local: Arts & Food Magazine being released late June 2020, area wide.

Currently, visitors to the website lacrosselocal.com may listen to 15+ podcasts on arts, food, and entertainment from individuals, organizations, and businesses in La Crosse County and its surrounding communities. They may also find La Crosse Local Podcast on their favorite podcast app.

Highlights include Moon Tune’s Terry Bauer, Eva Marie Restel of the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, Gold Heart Tattoo’s Missy Hoch, Artists Ashton Hall and Landon Sheely, and band shell Architect Roald Gundersen.

This year, the La Crosse Local: Arts & Food Magazine is focused on the La Crosse Region’s food + the vibrant arts and culture events throughout the area. Pairing food and the arts is a natural step for this local publication, along with the new podcast.  The La Crosse Local: Arts & Food Magazine and website complements the many exhibitions, performances, and shows that make Southwest Wisconsin the arts destination for its locals and visitors. Although many of the 2020 La Crosse Area based events have been cancelled, River Travel Media believes we should continue celebrating the many artists, and art organizations that make this area a great place to live.

Additionally, a percentage of proceeds from the creation of the print magazine were donated to WAFER to help continue to provide food assistance programs.

About La Crosse Local 

La Crosse Local is an arts, food, and entertainment podcast and publication for La Crosse County and its surrounding communities.

Find us online at lacrosselocal.com or in your favorite podcast app.

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