Photo Credit: The Beez Kneez, LLC (Minneapolis, MN)

Honey Farms and Agritourism Stops on the Great River Road

Green thumbs and that-sweet-tooth-we-all-have are welcomed at these farms on the Great River Road! As travelers increasingly enjoy agritourism, bees and fresh produce farms make great mid-day excursions near the Mississippi.

*On Your Way: Attractions may be sparse on the River so hit these spots on your way.


The Beez Kneez, LLC (Minneapolis, MN)

 The Beez Kneez, LLC (Minneapolis, MN)

Bikes and beehives? This combo is a passion at The Beez Kneez where they sell the Honey Cycle, the first pedal-powered extractor on the market.  Stop by their store and taste some delicious honey!

Metz’s Hart-Land Creamery (Rushford, MN)

Calling dairy fans! Try flavored cheese curds and a variety of cheeses and Gelato Ice Cream. Milk is produced from Minnesota Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and registered Jerseys. While visiting, pick up a bottle of Metz’s Hart-Land Honey — a local favorite!


Suncrest Gardens Farm (Cochrane, WI)

Winghaven Pizza Farm (Galesville, WI)

Winghaven Pizza Farm is an outdoor pizza restaurant and beer and wine bar that is open seasonally starting in May in beautiful Grover Valley. They specialize in delicious homemade, stone-fired pizza that are sourced with local ingredients. Bring the whole family and enjoy the fire pit, yard games, and great food and drinks. 

Castle Rock Organic Dairy (Osseo, WI)

Support Wisconsin’s sustainable farm community at Castle Rock. The on-farm milk plant pasteurized whole, 2%, skim milk, chocolate milk, and cream. A variety of cheeses and ice cream are manufactured as well!


Peake Orchard (Waukon, IA)

Peake Orchard (Waukon, IA)

Honeycrisp, Redwell, Connell Red, and more apple types can be picked off of Highway 9 at Peake Orchard! This is a great stop for river travelers and their families in the fall.

Hershey’s Honey (Milton, IA)

Looking for honey beauty products? This honey farm’s beauty product line is extensive with butters, balms, and shimmers. Their edible honey also comes in variety flavor sticks and raw honeycomb.  An online store only, but worth checking out for unique, local products (open by appointment).


Leedle Houme Bees (Mulkeytown, IL)

Leedle Houme Bees (Mulkeytown, IL)

Visitors can get a look at a bee apiary! Learn the art of beekeeping and its importance from a family with extensive experience. If interested, they also stock a full range of beekeeping equipment.

Dittmar Farms and Orchard (Elizabeth, IL)

Dittmar Farms have been family owned and operated since 1854! Get out of the car and pick from a pumpkin patch or apple orchard. The farm also prides itself on its sweet corn.


Knowlan Family Farm (Burfordville, MO)

Knowlan Family Farm (Burfordville, MO)

The Knowlan farm has a little of everything: apples, peaches, nectarines, pears, blueberries, blackberries, pumpkins, vegetables, grass-finished beef, and more! Apples come in 29 varieties.

Hart Apiaries (Lonedell, MO)

Honey and blueberries call for a sweet day! Pick blueberries and purchase fresh honey in eastern Missouri, outside of St.Louis. Double check the Hart Apiaries website for status updates on honey and fresh produce.


The Bee Barn (Paducah, KY)

The Bee Barn (Paducah, KY)

Thinking of starting a beekeeping hobby? Need supplies? This western Kentucky honey spot can prepare travelers to bring the right resources and knowledge about bees to their home states!  Plus you can pick up flavored and creamed honey and their very own beeswax lip balm.

The Berry Farm (Fulton, KY)

Summer calls for strawberry pie and jam! This Kentucky riverside farm has years of growing ruby red strawberries for everyone to enjoy. Call beforehand to check on picking conditions.


Fly-in: Williams Honey Farm (Franklin, TN)

Photo Credit: @lizahippler

On Your Way: Williams Honey Farm (Franklin, TN)

Heading to the River Road from Nashville?  You’ll find a honey farm along the way.  Available online, their honey is unheated, untreated, and unfiltered. Join in-depth workshops during the spring, or take an online mentorship course from home. Either way, Williams Honey Farm wants interested travelers to join the honey movement!

Wilson Blueberry Farm (Collierville, TN)

The small family farm prides itself on growing natural, tasty blueberries. Multiple reviews claim that the owners are great and the berries are delicious. Blueberry picking is a fun family activity for western Tennessee travelers.


Fly-in: Bemis Honey Bee Farm (Little Rock, AR)

Honey and agricultural spots may be tough to come across eastern Arkansas, but the state does have sweet spots further from the road.

On Your Way: Bemis Honey Bee Farm (Little Rock, AR)

Bee farming education includes courses in beginner, hive management, and membership-exclusive. Keep an eye on their free admission events of the year — Bee Day and The Arkansas Honey Festival.

On Your Way: Suzanne’s Fruit Farm (Hampton, AR)

Walk 155 acres of U-pick peaches, plums, blueberries, blackberries, muscadines, scuppernongs, and pumpkins. During harvest season, the farm gives a ‘nostalgic farm experience’ for locals and newcomers.


Two Dog Farms (Flora, MS)

Two Dog Farms (Flora, MS)

This Mississippi farm focuses on sustainable and natural growing methods! They grow a variety of vegetables and sell through CSA shares, farmers markets, and wholesale stores. Check out their Weekly Farm Boxes.

On Your Way: Bee Gold Honey (Hattiesburg, MS)

Try out a day in the life of a beekeeper in their Beekeeper Experience program!  The farm also created the Innerview Inner Cover, which allows farmers to view bees without disrupting the hive by evolving the cover into laminated glass.


Berry Sweet Orchards (Ethel, LA)

Mrs. Heather’s Farm (Albany, LA)

A great place for families, Mrs. Heather’s Farm gives students, children, and families the chance to experience the farm life! The farm features a pumpkin patch and strawberry farm that offer many fun activities and learning experiences.

O’Neill’s Apiary (Denham Springs, LA)

Honey fizzy bath soaks, soaps and balms! O’Neill’s Apiary crafts southern honey into unique beauty products that are perfect for gifts. Visitors can also buy 100% pure honey and frame nucs.  Buy online or stop by for their self-service box.