River Travel Magazine focuses on communities and attractions on both sides of the Mississippi River, and was formed to showcase the nationally designated and internationally known Great River Road, 3,000 miles bordering the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca to New Orleans.


River Podcast E4: Stoned Art

Episode Four Artists and Craftsmen of the Great River Road  Henry Matthiessen of Stoned Art, near Galena, IL, is an artist who helps visitors bring the backwaters of the Mississippi River alive through photography. Henry:  I work the Mississippi River and I treat it...

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River Podcast E.3: Bent Willow Studio

Episode Three Artists and Craftsmen of the Great River Road  Rabecca Jayne Hennessey of the Bent Willow Studio in Guttenberg, IA, an artist whose love of the outdoors and the Mississippi River Valley shines through. Interviewer: In this episode we speak with Rabecca...

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River Podcast E.2: Salvaged Medium

Episode Two Artists and Craftsmen of the Great River Road  Jamie Harper, Salvaged Medium, an artist using salvaged materials to express his love of the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota. Jamie:  When I first started doing iron, it kind of stemmed out of a school...

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