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Extreme Food on the Great River Road

The Mississippi creates a heavy-pounded burger and burrito, along with apple pie that’s a foot high!

Festivals on the Great River Road

Communities gather all the time along the Great River Road. Here are some festival opportunities for you to join in on the laughter and fun.

Native American Sites on the Great River Road

The Mississippi River received its name from the Ojibwe, “Misi-ziibi” meaning great river.

Boat Rides on the Great River Road

From paddle wheelers to eco focused charter boats, jump on board, pack a fishing pole or sit back and sight see with a cocktail in hand.

River Views on the Great River Road

The art! The culture! The History! But when you’re traveling along the Mississippi, you gotta check out these views.

Museums on the Great River Road

Museums for different interests to delight and educate as you travel the Great River Road.

Wineries on the Great River Road

Explore your wine palette on the Great River Road! These riverside connoisseurs will show travelers how to sip like a local.

La Crosse County Restaurants

Here’s a selection of tasty choices among the many La Crosse County Restaurants that will help you narrow things down a bit.

State Parks on the Great River Road

You might find the perfect Mississippi River vista, or learn a little history, or just soak in the nature and let it soothe the soul on your travels.

Interpretive Centers on the Great River Road

These are great places to discover area culture, pick up some travel information, and learn about the Mississippi River itself.

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