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Photo Credit:  La Crosse Distilling Co. (La Crosse, WI)

Cocktails on the Great River Road

Up and down the Mississippi, delicious cocktails are crafted using regional resources and local flair. Quench your thirst with these river road cocktails.



This unique product is a signature Midwestern cocktail in a delicious, ready-to-serve recipe. Order over ice and enjoy!


Opening soon, 5Rocks Distilling Co. plans to take advantage of Brainerd’s frigid temps. They will serve their Cold North Vodka just like their weather—well below 0°.



If you need to warm up while in Wisconsin, try the Downtown Toodeloo Rock and Rye Whiskey at La Crosse Distilling Co. It’s delicious neat or in The Rebel with mulled Hoch Orchard Cider, lemon, honey, and Jamaican No. 1 Bitters.


Patrons love the vodka at 45th Parallel Distillery. Taste it in the refreshing seasonal cocktail, Summer Sunset, with Limoncello, ginger ale, and a drop of strawberry syrup.


Iowish Coffee (Le Claire, IA)

Mississippi River Distilling Company’s Iowish Cream Liqueur is a sweet treat for those colder months. Warm up with an Iowish Coffee—Cody Road Bourbon, Iowish Cream, and hot coffee.

Honey Pepper Penicillin (Swisher, IA)

Drink some whiskey in the land of corn at Cedar Ridge. The Honey Pepper Penicillin blends their single malt, lemon juice, and black pepper-infused honey syrup for a can’t-miss cocktail.


Knotter Kneat (GALENA, IL)

Big bourbon fan? Sample the Knotter Kneat at Blaum Bros Distilling Co. It’s their Oldfangled Knotter Bourbon served just as described.

White Russian (Collinsville, IL)

Get a delicious White Russian—with a hint of cold press— at Old Herald Brewery & Distillery. It’s made with redistilled vodka and Dubuque Coffee.


Summer Sin​(St. Loius, MO)

Order yourself a Summer Sin at St. Louis Distillery, made with Cardinal Sin Vodka, lemonade, cranberry, splash of Light Beer, and garnished with a cherry.

Missouri Moonshine Malt Whiskey  (Ste. Genevieve, MO)

The cocktail options are endless at Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling, but enjoy a nod to the work of bootleggers past with their Missouri Moonshine Malt Whiskey.


Moonshine Margarita (Paducah, KY)

Take your margarita game up a notch at Silent Brigade Distillery, where tequila is out and moonshine is in. Flavors include blackberry sangria, hibiscus coconut, and peach apple.


Mint Julep (Memphis, TN)

Try a twist on a classic Southern beverage, the Mint Julep. At Old Dominick Distillery, you can order it with their Memphis Toddy Bourbon for a refreshing summer drink.


Trump Tonic (Newport, AR)

Make the trip over to Newport to explore Postmaster Spirits. This quirky former post office makes their own orange vodka named Trump Tonic, for its Presidential spray-tan shade.


Hoodoo (Jackson, MS)

Cathead Distillery is keeping the Hoodoo magic of the South alive with its signature chicory liqueur. Enjoy it in a Hoodoo Fix, paired with Jameson, chocolate mole bitters, and a choco-coffee imperial stout.

White Rum & Coke (Natchez, MS)

The classic rum and Coke combination gets a facelift with the delicious Charboneau White Rum, made from locally-sourced raw sugar and molasses.



You can’t visit NOLA and not drink a frozen daiquiri. Big Easy Daiquiris has four locations in the French Quarter featuring their signature 190 Antifreeze (it’s just strong, not poisonous).  


Organic spicy ginger and Louisiana cane sugar come together at Celebration Distillation to make the Gingeroo. It’s bubbly, refreshing and ready to drink!