Big Boat Sweepstakes

River Travel Magazine and USA River Cruises have partnered for the Big River Boat Sweepstakes!

Mississippi River, USA |  In celebration of the Great River Road, the storied Mississippi River, and the history of the steamboats that owned the river, River Travel Magazine and USA River Cruises have partnered for the Big River Boat Sweepstakes running throughout the Spring of 2021 at River Travel Magazine.

The winner will partake in a 7 day (8 nights) Mississippi river cruise that will provide travel to historic destinations with modern amenities. The winner will be greeted by stunning scenery, regional cuisine, live music, and customized excursions to historic locations. A must do for culinary explorers and history enthusiasts. Included is a pre-night deluxe hotel, breakfast and transfers to the boat the next day.

About River Travel Magazine

River Travel Magazine focuses on communities and attractions on both sides of the Mississippi River, and was formed to showcase the nationally designated and internationally known Great River Road, 3,000 miles bordering the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca to New Orleans.

River Travel Media works with the small communities and attractions along the road to capitalize on its notoriety and to drive international and regional visitors to communities up and down the road.

About USA River Cruises

Our mission at USA River Cruises is to provide our customers with excellent start-to-finish service, as we work together to plan the best travel and cruise vacation experience possible.

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