Think Spring!  Road Trip to Natchez, MS!

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On the bluffs of the Mississippi River, Natchez MS offers you to experience the South like no other. Enjoy the expansive vista of the river at Bluff Park. Paddle the backwaters at St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge or take your mountain bike on the trails at Homochitto National Forest. Natchez has much to tempt you out into nature.

When you’re ready to step back into the city, the history of Natchez can keep you captivated. Experience the world of the ancient Native Americans who once lived on this land, view the homes of the Southern belles and cotton barons, the plight of those who were enslaved, and the history of the Civil War and Civil Rights in Natchez. Much of which can be found on a walking tour of the city.

Think Spring!  Road Trip to Natchez, MS

The Original Natchez

The Natchez people lived in Mississippi as far back as 700AD. In time, the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians became their ceremonial center and was at the height of its power in the early 1700s. Today’s visitors can enjoy the museum and take a walking trail through the 128 acre park to view three ceremonial mounds. Two have been excavated and rebuilt to their original size allowing a glimpse into the lives of the Native Americans of 1730. The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians is now offering a completely virtual experience with Timelooper that transports you back in time. They also offer self-guided tours with new interpretive signs throughout the village. The park is free to visit, with plenty of parking, and an annual Natchez Powwow that features Native American dance, food, and crafts.

Natchez Mississippi has held annual tours

Historic Homes

Since 1932 Natchez Mississippi has held annual tours of its historic homes and gardens. Pre-Civil War Natchez had more millionaires than anywhere else in the US. Built by cotton barons made rich through the work of slaves, the homes are incredibly impressive and steeped in history. Each year, thousands of people visit Natchez in the Spring (and Fall) to tour Rosalie Mansion, Longwood, Stanton Hall, and more. Knowledgeable tour guides and beautiful homes, often with much of the original furnishings, make for fascinating walks through history. When the gardens are in their springtime bloom it gives an added colorful dimension to your walking tour.

Civil War and Civil Rights

Civil War and Civil Rights

Natchez has a complicated history before and after the Civil War. The city had the largest population of freed people of color in the South and was one of the state’s most active slave-trading posts. Natchez delegates voted against secession from the Union, and Hiram Revels, the first African American to sit in Congress (1870), came from Natchez. The Museum of African American History and Culture is a great start to dive into Natchez’s past, and the Frogmore Cotton Plantation and Gins gives an unforgettable experience of life on a plantation, while the Proud to Take a Stand Monument tells a piece of its Civil Rights history.

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For quick reference on which shops and establishments are open for business, be sure to check out this comprehensive list. Also, be sure to stay up-to-date on current COVID-19 measures and policies within the City of Natchez. Don’t forget to swing by the visitor’s center when you get to town. It’s a massive welcome center and the folks there are happy to help you learn more about the area’s history and guide you in crafting your itinerary.

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