Dubuque Breweries: 5 Must-Visit Taprooms On The Great River Road!

Dubuque, IA

Taproom talk of craft beers, new and old alike, can be heard at breweries across the nation, and with the rise of the craft beer scene, there are more types of beer out there than ever. While craft beer is on the rise, the American pastime of drinking beer is nothing new to the Midwest, as it has been embraced by generations of beer enthusiasts. The Midwestern river town of Dubuque, Iowa is no exception, housing numerous breweries, wineries, and bars throughout the historic town.

The first brewery in Dubuque was established in 1898, and since then new and exciting breweries have popped up around the city. Here are five of the most popular breweries in Dubuque to check out the next time you find yourself in this vibrant and lively river city.

Jubeck New World Brewing

Jubeck New World Brewing, located in downtown Dubuque, is a popular stop for their seasonal and experimental beers and welcoming social space. This brewery was founded in 2014, and with a little help and excitement from the community, it became Dubuque’s first craft brewery. The unique social space at Jubeck New World Brewing is a mixture of soft lighting, no televisions, and a record player spinning vintage music in the background, creating an enjoyable and perfect experience for customers old and new.

Along with committing to locally sourced ingredients when possible, this brewery is a great place to try some new and old brews and take in a unique atmosphere. Whether you like full or medium-bodied beers or ales, porters, and IPAs, this unique brewery has it. Purchase beer on tap or grab a four-pack of their various bottled beers, and then sit back and enjoy the great experience at Jubeck New World Brewing.

Backpocket Dubuque

If you’re interested in something more exciting and family-friendly, you can head over to Backpocket Dubuque. This mix of beer, food, and arcade games creates a fun and funky atmosphere to spend a couple of hours with friends or family, including kids. With fifteen uniquely crafted beers on tap and over forty arcade games, this is a great place to check out the next time you find yourself in downtown Dubuque.

All of Backpocket Dubuque’s beer is brewed in the Coralville Brewery in Coralville, Iowa, which is the original location for Backpocket Brewing. The Dubuque taproom offers a more family-oriented experience if you are traveling with kids, but is a great option for all ages and a fun attraction to experience while you are in the area.

7 Hills Brewing Company

One of the most popular breweries in Dubuque is 7 Hills Brewing Company because it co-exists as a brewery and a full-fledged restaurant. Here you can enjoy your favorite local and well-known beers on tap, as well as sit down for one of 7 Hill’s delectable food choices. Many of the barbeques, cheese and hot sauces, maple syrups, and coffees featured on the menu are infused with their craft beer, which gives a unique touch to their options.

At 7 Hills Brewing Company, you never know what you might get, as they pride themselves on being unapologetically individualistic. Maybe you’ll try one of their 18 different featured tap beers brewed right in Dubuque, or settle for a craft cocktail with a unique twist. You should also check out their merchandise shop inside the 10,000 square foot space to score an awesome souvenir from your new favorite brewery. Whatever you choose, the experience will not be a disappointment and you should be sure to add 7 Hills Brewing Company to your Dubuque bucket list. 

Dimensional Brewing

Another hotspot for trying local beers and spending time with family and friends is Dimensional Brewing. Similar to the atmosphere in Dubuque, Dimensional Brewing cultivates a come as you are, laid-back experience for every visitor. All ages are welcome in the taproom, and playing board games is encouraged, making it the perfect stop for families. 

Dimensional Brewing offers a complete brewery experience with the taproom and brewery located in the same space. Step into the brewery on a tour and learn the ropes about some of their popular beers and the behind the scenes work that goes into creating the perfect pint. Then head to the taproom to sample some beer, whether you’re looking for something new and interesting to try or a stone-cold classic.

Stone Cliff Winery

Located in the Port of Dubuque, the Stone Cliff Winery makes the list of popular Dubuque breweries as it is housed in the historic Star Brewery building overlooking the mighty Mississippi. While it is a winery now, the Dubuque Star Brewery was established in 1898 until it was closed during prohibition. Due to its close proximity to the Mississippi River, the brewery had problems with flooding after it reopened in 1933 and eventually came into the hands of the current owners after decades of a couple of different owners and beers including Pickett’s Premium and Rhomberg Beer.

Though the brewery no longer functions, the building and past remnants of the Dubuque Star Brewery remain. A visit to Stone Cliff Winery will allow you to experience the historical brewery and the history of breweries in the city while sampling a great variety of wines made from locally grown grapes in Dubuque. The warm and welcoming atmosphere and people, as well as award-winning wines and various draft and bottled beer selections, make Stone Cliff a wonderful Dubuque experience you won’t want to miss.

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