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Springtime on the Mississippi River with USA River Cruises!

Springtime is one of the best seasons for exploring the Mississippi River Valley, and it can be even better on a river cruise with USA River Cruises! Whether you want to discover the Upper or Lower part of the river, USA River Cruises has the perfect cruise for you. During the Spring the weather in the Mississippi River Valley is mild and passengers will have plenty of chances to explore the unique flora and fauna that come to life at this time of the year. With opportunities to watch the birds migrate the Mississippi River Flyway, beautiful hikes to see Spring wildflowers blooming along the river, and unmatched service and amenities, a river cruise is a perfect way to ring in the warmer weather and the start of a new year. Here are a few Spring 2023 river cruises to help start your planning with USA River Cruises.

Photo Courtesy of USA River Cruises

Spring River Cruises

USA River Cruises offers a variety of river cruises year round on the Mississippi, on other rivers in the United States, and throughout the world. Their river cruises on the Mississippi River offer passengers diverse, culturally rich regions and towns and abundant cultural and historical experiences related to Civil War history, Mark Twain, Mardi Gras, and more. Additionally, during the Spring passengers can look forward to the migration of birds on the Mississippi Flyway, fantastic hiking and walking areas where they can see local wildlife and flowers, and much more. A few Spring river cruises that are being offered in Spring of 2023 include the Upper Mississippi River Cruise: St. Louis – St.Paul on the American Symphony, Louisville to Nashville | 9-Day Voyages on the American Countess, and Cruise the Deep South: New Orleans, Round Trip on the American Heritage.

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Birding On Your River Cruise

One pastime passengers can enjoy on their Mississippi River cruise with USA River Cruises is birding. Birding is a popular activity all year round, especially along the river, but it is particularly spectacular and unique during the Spring. The Mississippi River Flyway is one of the great migratory flyways in North America and in the Spring it is full of birding opportunities and various species return after migrating for the winter. Some birding spots that can be discovered on a river cruise include Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park (east and west), Fort Snelling State Park, Grey Cloud Dunes Scientific and Natural Area, and Coldwater Spring. The great bird migration can be a stunning and unforgettable phenomenon to see, and a USA River Cruise on the Mississippi will give passengers a front row seat to the action.

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Discovering Wildflowers Area

Along with birding and catching glimpses of other animals returning to their normal habits in the Spring, a Spring river cruise also occurs at the best time of the year to see the wildflowers bloom throughout the Mississippi River Valley. Booking a cruise with USA River Cruises can take passengers to a variety of perfect wildflower destinations all in one trip, making it easy to see the blooms and transitions of the flowers. Along the river, woodland flowers bloom from early spring until just after the trees have their leaves back, but the prairie areas begin to flourish in late spring and early summer, meaning passengers will see blooms throughout their trip. Some wildflower hikes to explore include Crosby Farm Regional Park (woodland), Grey Cloud Dunes Scientific and Natural Area (prairie), Coon Rapids Regional Park (woodland and prairie), and Hastings River Flats Park (prairie).

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