5 Of The Scariest Haunted Houses Near National Rivers

October is the spookiest month of the year, and one way to get into the Halloween spirit is having some spine tingling fun at a haunted house. If you love all things spooky and look forward to being scared each year around October 31st, then these haunted houses may be the perfect spooky experience for you! Known nationally as some of the scariest and best haunted houses in the country, here are a few of the scariest haunted houses along national rivers to help you get your scare on this Halloween!

5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

Best For A Frighteningly Realistic Experience
The legendary Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas is definitely worth the trip if you’re looking for a haunted house with chilling detail and unmatched scares. Located in a 100-year-old abandoned meatpacking plant, the haunted house resides in an area of Fort Worth nicknamed “Hell’s Half Acre.” The haunted house features terrifying live actors, life-like special effects, creepy monsters, and multiple bone chilling stories and themes as you wind and twist your way through the horrors lurking in each corridor. Known for being frighteningly realistic and one of the best haunted houses in the United States, it is a must-visit dark Halloween attraction for those who are looking to be truly scared.

Cutting Edge Haunted House Trip Tips
Ticket Or Pass: Cutting Edge Haunted House Tickets, Creepiest Attraction: Two story “human processing area,” Age recommendation: 12+, Nearby: Fort Worth Water Gardens, The Woodshed Smokehouse, Local Tourism Guide: Visit Fort Worth
5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River
Best For Scariest Special Effects and Detailed Sets
With four different haunted attractions all wrapped into one event, the Field Of Screams in Pennsylvania is known as one of the best haunted houses in the United States. They feature the Haunted Hayride, Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, and Nocturnal Wasteland, all of which take you through different haunted areas and themes. The four attractions offer incredibly detailed sets, cutting edge special effects, seemingly endless scenes and rooms, and a multitude of creepy inhabitants waiting at every turn. The Field Of Screams is known for its high-impact scares and sensory overload that will leave you with a fantastically scary Halloween experience.
Field Of Screams Trip Tips
Ticket Or Pass: Field Of Screams Tickets, Creepiest Attraction: Frightmare Asylum, Age recommendation: 10+, Nearby: Square Mile Public House, Local Tourism Guide: Mountville Borough
5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

Best For Location and Over The Top Experience
New Orleans is often dubbed the United States’ most haunted city, so what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to visit one of their most beloved haunted houses during the spooky season? The Mortuary Haunted Mansion is New Orleans’ most popular self-guided dark attraction and a Halloween tradition for visitors and locals alike. Set in a real haunted house and surrounded by real New Orleans’ graveyards called the Cities Of The Dead, the Mortuary Mansion was originally built in 1872. Today, it houses state of the art animatronics, theatrical sets, movie quality makeup, over-the-top special effects, and unusual themes and details, creating one of the most terrifying Halloween haunts ever. The Mortuary Haunted Mansion has come to be one of the most realistic haunted attractions and innovative horror experiences and is a great Halloween destination for thrill seekers and haunted house lovers alike.

The Mortuary Trip Tips
Ticket Or Pass: The Mortuary Haunted House Tickets, Creepiest Attraction: Inferno, Age recommendation: 11+, Nearby: Beachcorner Bar & Grill, French Quarter, Local Tourism Guide: Visit New Orleans
5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

Photo by Fear Fair

Haunted Houses: Fear Fair (Seymour, Indiana)

Best For Scariest and Most Detailed Costumes
Fear Fair in Seymour, Indiana is another great place to get scared this Halloween season. You can explore the Rockford Riot, the Ramses’ Wrath, the Leveau’s Curse, and the Ancient Evil attractions for a full night of spooky sets and scarily real costumes and make-up. The costumes, detailed sets, and creepy themes and stories of each haunted attraction won’t leave much to the imagination and are sure to get your heart racing and spine tingling with each turn. Get together a group of friends and plan to make a trip to Fear Fair this Halloween season for a scary and unnerving night of fun and fright.
Fear Fair Trip Tips
Ticket Or Pass: Fear Fair Tickets, Creepiest Attraction: Ancient Evil, Age recommendation: 13+ Nearby: Rails Craft Brew & Eatery, Local Tourism Guide: Seymour, IN
5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

Best For Multiple Spooky Attractions
Wisconsin Fear Grounds is a final haunted house attraction to check out this Halloween season. Complete with three different haunted houses all in one visit, The Compound, Sketchy’s Chambers, and the newly added Abyss, you will be in for a night of scares and screams. The attractions are complete with terrifying, but amazing actors, creepy costumes and make-up, detailed sets, and spooky lighting and effects that bring the entire show together. If you’re looking for an all out Halloween experience and love being truly scared, this Wisconsin Halloween tradition may be the perfect place to visit this October and November.

Wisconsin Fear Grounds Trip Tips
Ticket Or Pass: Wisconsin Fear Ground Tickets, Creepiest Attraction: The Compound, Age recommendation: 12+, Nearby: People’s Park, Local Tourism Guide: Visit Waukesha Pewaukee

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