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Events & Places To Celebrate Women’s History Month In Philadelphia!

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate women throughout history and today for their contributions to society and their perseverance through hardships and injustices. Many cities honor the month by putting on events and recognizing women in their communities who have made and continue to make a difference. But if you’re looking to plan a trip to truly honor women and celebrate women’s history, a great destination is Philadelphia. Home to historically significant women such as Betsy Ross, Pearl S. Buck, and other pioneering women, Philadelphia has a variety of museums, tours, and attractions to help you honor and celebrate women all month long!

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Beyond The Bell Tours is a Philadelphia based tour company focused on creating inclusive historical walking tours that highlight the city’s marginalized communities, peoples, and histories. Their tours inspire people to think more critically about the story and history of Philadelphia, specifically about those who were left out of the primary narrative, which is why their Badass Women’s History Tour is perfect for Women’s History Month. The tour, led by one of their charismatic guides, will take you around the city hearing about colonial women, change makers, women in medicine, and other pioneering women that helped shape the city of Philadelphia. Many tour takers are inspired and empowered by the stories and the women who faced resistance and resilience, making it a perfect way to celebrate this month.

5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

Another place to check out in Philly during Women’s History Month is the Women In Motion exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). The exhibition features women artists who exhibited, studied, and taught at PAFA from the institution’s founding in 1805 to the end of WWII. You can head to the exhibit this March and be inspired by the works of women artists who were renowned in their time but have since been replaced by more well known male artists. One goal of the exhibition is to bring more attention and appreciation to women in art and inspire a new generation to recognize the contributions women have made to the arts.

5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

On the Sisterhood Sit-In Trolley Tour you can both support Black women-owned businesses in Philadelphia and celebrate Women’s History Month at the same time! The 2 hour trolley tours take riders to a variety of businesses around the city for 15 minutes each. All of the businesses are women-owned and black-owned, making it the perfect opportunity to support women and recognize how their unique businesses contribute to the community. The featured businesses include Harriett’s Bookshop, Freedom Apothecary, Yowie, Franny Lou’s Porch, and more.

5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

The Betsy Ross House, an iconic Philadelphia site that focuses solely on telling the stories of colonial women, embraces this during Women’s History Month with special events and programs all month long. You can learn all about different aspects of women’s history, and the lesser known details of Betsy Ross’ story through the Meet the Women of the Betsy Ross House program. They also offer programming about women’s suffrage. Visitors will meet Frances Harper, an abolitionist, suffragist, poet, teacher, and public speaker, and Elizabeth Drinker, a prominent Philadelphia Quaker woman who ran her household alone in British occupied Philadelphia in 1777.

5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

Philadelphia’s history is full of trailblazing women who played significant roles to help make the city what it is today. On the Women’s History Trail of Great Philadelphia, you can hit all the sites around the city dedicated to celebrating and remembering women’s achievements and history. The trail includes stops like museums, statues, and buildings. The Belmont Mansion, Elfreth’s Museum, the Powell House, and the President’s House Site are just a few of the historical sites you will see on the trail. The trail is self guided, so you can choose which sites you want to visit, and it provides you the perfect opportunity to stop in for lunch or dinner at one of these women led restaurants.

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