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4 Reasons To Visit The Cajun Country Corn Maze In The Fall!

Pine Grove, LA

Louisiana’s Cajun Country Corn Maze is a fall enthusiast’s paradise with nearly everything to satisfy the seasonal craving for a fun-filled, nostalgic fall day. This small town attraction off the Mississippi River provides hours of inexpensive thrills and hosts a range of activities for those who enjoy getting into the fall festivities.

Here are four reasons to put this outdoor attraction at the top of your fall to-do list.

4 Reasons To Visit The Cajun Country Corn Maze In The Fall

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The Cajun Country Corn Maze is a family-friendly recreational attraction with affordable rates, well-made maps, and tricks and tips at every turn. Here, you’ll find the Two Phase Corn Maze which runs over 7.5 acres, a perfect challenge for friends and family to navigate and get lost in wholesome entertainment for a couple of hours. There’s even a Haunted Corn Maze after dark, so if you’re looking for a spookier fall festivity, this is a must-visit destination for the not faint of heart.

Along with the corn maze, Cajun Country Corn hosts the Haunted Trail and the Haunted Pallet Maze, if you can’t get enough of the spooks, tricks, and scares. With that said, the haunted experiences are only available after dark throughout the month of October.

4 Reasons To Visit The Cajun Country Corn Maze In The Fall

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During your day at Cajun Country Corn, you’ll also get the opportunity to participate in the Corn Cannon event. Bring your best aim and prepare to shoot ears of corn up to 200 yards at various targets in the range.

If you’re not a marksman with the cannon, an easier appeal is the Friendly Fire venture where you can take on your friends in an arena-style, air-powered Nerf Gun challenge. You might also try your best hand at Zombie Paintball, which features a wagon ride through the forest with glow in the dark paintball guns to takedown the zombies lurking on the trail.

4 Reasons To Visit The Cajun Country Corn Maze In The Fall

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For a more unique experience, hop on one of the various Cow Train Rides, where you’ll undergo an assortment of cow-tastic tractor pulled rides. The Cow or Bee Train and the Twin Car Cow Train are ideal for a more relaxing ride over obstacles and through the Corn Maze. If you’re interested in a wilder ride, the Bucking Cow Train offers an action packed cruise featuring bucking cow carts and more obstacles.

Another option is the Hay Ride Grain Train, a slower moving scenic ride for sitting back and taking in the sights. All of the train rides offer a chance to appreciate the Cajun Heritage and Louisiana farm culture.

4 Reasons To Visit The Cajun Country Corn Maze In The Fall

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While the tricky corn mazes are the main attraction, the Pig Races at Porky’s Raceway provide another aspect of Louisiana fun in the fall. Key features include some of the fastest pigs in the south and prizes for fans who cheer the loudest for the pig of their choice.

Admission to the races is free, but you’ll still want to plan on visiting the concession stand for Cajun style favorites and fresh kettle corn.

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