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Bicycle Trails Of Trempealeau County, WI!

Trempealeau County, Wisconsin

Trempealeau County is recognized as a haven for bicyclists with the largest connected bicycle loop system in the United States. The trails feature unique scenic landscapes, low automobile traffic, and a variety of difficulties to serve both family and sport bicyclists. With over 487 miles of paved back roads and additional state trails in the county, this is the place to be to enjoy unique natural and historic landscapes on two wheels.

Snowmobiling the Trails of Trempealeau County, WI

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Road Trails

A reason for Trempealeau County’s popularity with cyclists is its expansive network of connected road trails and loops for cycling. There are easier road trails like Sweet and Simple in Trempealeau and Easy Does It in Whitehall featuring lower mile trails with some scenic views and easy riding. Or there are more difficult trails for experienced sport cyclists, such as the Ridge Views and Alligator Slides trail in Whitehall and Big Sky Country in Osseo. These loops are often 30 miles long, or more, and are known to be a more challenging ride, but provide access to some of the most scenic areas. The best part for cyclists is the lack of automobile traffic on many of the backroads and the friendly attitude towards cyclists that has become commonplace throughout the county.

Snowmobiling the Trails of Trempealeau County, WI

State Trails

Along with the road trails in Trempealeau County, there are also many great options for cyclists on trails in the Wisconsin State Park System. These trails are managed by the Wisconsin DNR and often are paved or made of crushed limestone for easy off-road trail riding. One option is the Great River State Trail, a 24-mile trail that takes cyclists through the prairies and backwaters of the upper Mississippi River Valley, including two National Wildlife Refuges. Another popular state trail is the Buffalo River State Trail. Cyclists can enjoy a 36-mile scenic ride along the Buffalo River from Mondovi to Fairchild and expect to see farmlands, woods, hills, and wetlands while traveling through the various communities. Be sure to pick up a State Trail Pass before you head out.

Snowmobiling the Trails of Trempealeau County, WI

Scenic Views And Attractions On The Trails

In addition to the sheer volume of bicycle trails in Trempealeau County, another draw for cyclists are the beautiful scenic views of Wisconsin’s Driftless Region found on many, if not all, of the county’s trails. Trails weave through valleys, up on bluffs, and along ridge tops with views of farmland, woods and hillsides, and the mighty Mississippi River Valley. There are also many attractions along the trails as cyclists move from one community to another. Perrot State Park and Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge are just a few of many beautiful natural areas to visit along the way, especially if you’re starting in the southern part of the county.

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