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4 Unique Kentucky Antique Shops On The Great River Road!

Paducah, KY

Antique hunters visiting Paducah, Kentucky will be unable to contain their excitement with the number of unique antique stores and markets offering priceless treasures and sought after pieces alike.

Located in western Kentucky around 30 miles off the Mississippi River, Paducah is well known for its antique stores featured in its beautiful, historic downtown and around the city. With over twelve unique stores to browse, Paducah packs a whole day of thrifting.

Paducah is the perfect spot to drop in for a relaxing day of exploring the city and searching for unique, hand picked antiques. You can shop for meaningful gifts for friends and family back home, browse items for your home, or search the excess of treasures just to see what you’ll find.

4 Unique Kentucky Antique Shops On The Great River Road

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Hosting over 40 vendors, Paducah Antique Mall offers visitors and buyers a variety of antique, vintage, and even new items. Showcasing furniture, albums, comic books, glassware, jewelry, posters, pottery, chic items, painted furniture, and more in-between, you can spend a couple hours walking around the 7500 square foot space to visit each vendor and find some great deals and items.

If you are looking for a classic Kentucky antique store, this is it. You never know what you may find and part of the fun is looking through the sheer amount of items they have to offer. Open seven days a week, the Paducah Antique Mall is a great stop on your quest for great antiques in Paducah. 

 2. Memphis Brooks Museum Of Art

Antique Galleria is a quaint little store in downtown Paducah with a large selection of antique treasures and trinkets. The shop is home to a treasure trove of so many secondhand items you’ll be sure to find something you like before you leave. 

Carrying all sorts of items from vinyl records, glassware, and books to Civil War and WWII pieces, Antique Galleria has something for every antique hunter. Once you’ve entered the shop, something new will catch your eye in every corner as the store is filled to the brim with items, and though you might have to dig a little, the store has some great finds if you’re willing to look for them. A fan favorite is the large collection of vinyl records in the balcony of the building. 

3. Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum

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Early country furniture and accessories await at the American Harvest Antiques store. Shopping here is like stepping back into the 1700 and 1800s and you’ll instantly see items of all sorts from the early American lifestyle. Featuring lots of items and pieces from a simpler time, you’ll find many unique treasures such as handcrafted woodwork, cast iron metal pieces, antique tableware and glassware, as well as more novelty items like books and trinkets. 

A trip to this true antique store won’t be disappointing as the owners are constantly bringing in new items as quickly as they can find them. Open only on Wednesdays and Sundays, be sure to check out the American Harvest Antiques Facebook page before you visit, as the store occasionally holds different hours. 

Mississippi River Museum

Nearby Boaz, Kentucky is home to one of the most unique antique shops in western Kentucky, the Anything Goes Trading Company. Though you’ll have to be up for a thirteen mile drive south from Paducah, it would be a shame to miss out on such a unique antique experience. The Anything Goes Trading Company not only offers an extensive selection of items ranging from architectural salvage to mid-century furniture to vintage jewelry, they also will buy any vintage, antique or unique items you may be looking to sell. 

If you decide to make the short drive, your trip to the Anything Goes Trading Company will be worth it, as the women who run the popular shop are delightful to work with. The amount of one-of-a-kind items also will make this shop a seventh heaven for any antique fanatic. You can even enjoy music while you walk the 2 acre property and the thought that you’ve helped the western Kentucky community, as the shop frequently assists with cleaning out old barns, sheds and houses in the area. 


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