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Arkansas Mountain Biking Near The White River and Beaver Lake

Northwestern Arkansas is slowly becoming a mountain biker’s haven, with new designated areas and trails popping up throughout the region. Mountain biking is the perfect way for anyone to get out and enjoy the weather and outdoors. The trails are designated by difficulty and skill level, allowing for beginners and advanced riders alike to enjoy a ride. You can find trails with rails, rocky ledges, steep slopes, extended grades, creek crossings and varied terrain, among other types, and check out a wide variety of incredible Arkansas and Ozark Forest outdoor areas. A great place to start is in the communities near the White River and Beaver Lake, as these cities and towns offer a wide variety of mountain biking terrain and great places for lodging, dining, and exploring.

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Recognized as the premier mountain bike trail at Devil’s Den State Park, Fossil Flats multi use trail best suited for intermediate riding. You can find Fossil Flats in West Fork, south of Fayetteville near the West Fork of the White River. The mountain biking here will introduce riders to Ozark Mountain biking, with several climbs and technical areas to watch out for as you weave in and out of the woods along Lee Creek. Some special features of the trail include Racer’s Hill, which is a steep climb with quick switchbacks on the way down, a scenic bluff section, the gravity cavity, and several creek and stream crossings. To make your visit even better, you could plan to come during either the Ozark Mountains Mountain Bike Festival in April or the Northwest Arkansas Mountain Bike Championships in September, which are both held on this course and hosted by Devil’s Den State Park.
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Known as some of the toughest and most scenic trails in the state by many, the Mount Kessler mountain bike trails are nine miles of rocky singletrack loop around this urban Fayetteville mountain. If you’re looking for the perfect place to get out of downtown Fayetteville, the trails at Mount Kessler are known to give you a rural feeling, even though they are just a few miles from town. Here you can explore 26 miles of beginner to difficult trails, with the shortest being the 0.5 mile long Goat Trail and the longest being the 2.8 mile Cato Springs Trail.
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The Blowing Springs Loop and the Back 40 trails in Bella Vista are two great areas to enjoy mountain biking on a solo ride or with friends and family. The Blowing Springs loop has areas ranging from beginner to expert. You can expect to see a 30 foot bridge, a waterfall, caves, springs, and an overlook on your ride. The Back 40 connects to Blowing Springs and offers bridges, bluffs, limestone rock gardens, lake views, and meadows. On the Back 40 loop you can ride across a hanging bridge that is cut into a rock bluff and one that goes over a waterfall. Both areas have trails for a variety of riders and versatile terrain that lets you decide how much you want to challenge yourself.
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If you are in search of a hard surface jump bike park with jumps, wood, and rail cars, look no further than the Railyard in Rogers, Arkansas. The Railyard is among the few parks like it in the United States, with the closest being found in Colorado. The park is enjoyable for riders of any skill level, as it features various elements including lights and various trail lengths that can be enjoyed. You can come to the park as a seasoned rider and still be challenged, as a novice looking to advance their skills, or even with family including younger riders. After spending your time at the park, you can head down the nearby paved trail, Lake Atalanta Park, or onto the many multi-use trails in the area.

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Eureka Springs is a well-known Ozark mountain destination with a wide variety of mountain biking trails for exploring the beauty of the Ozark outdoors. The city houses trails that range from highly technical to a variety of easy, scenic biking trails stretching from area attractions to the in-town trail system and the skate/bike park. If you’re in search of an area with mostly difficult trails and some intermediate, Lake Leatherwood City Park is the perfect place for you to check out. Here you can ride over 25 miles of multi-use, singletrack nature trails with challenging rocky ledges, steep slopes, extended grades, creek crossings and varied terrain. As always, be sure to stick to trails within your limits for a great and safe day of riding.
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