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Natchez, Mississippi: This Riverside Town is Home to Gorgeous Views and Epic Food!


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Butted up right against the banks of the Mississippi River, nothing says welcome to Mississippi quite like Natchez. A city of sprawling Southern grace and charm, the Bed and Breakfast Capital of the South plays the perfect host to your next getaway. Historic, beautiful, and filled with wide open and rambling outdoor spaces, Natchez is the place to be for all of your socially-distant ventures. Time truly slows down here as you stroll through one of the South’s most architecturally preserved cities.

To get you started, here’s a compilation of favorite outdoor places and spaces to fill your itinerary:

Longwood Historical Homes

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~Experience Natchez up close~

In Natchez, the best way to see the city is to walk. Stroll around at your leisure or check out their trails and self-guided walking tour.   Not far from the downtown walking tours is Fort Rosalie.  You may notice Natchez has a French flair to it, and that’s because it served as a French colonial bulkhead in the early 1700s. Fort Rosalie is a National Historic park preserving the earliest French influences of the area. It’s open to the public and makes for a great picnic spot.  After lunch, take a short drive out of downtown to experience the culture and setting of earliest residents of the Natchez area when you visit The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians. This 128-acre park is home to three mounds built by the Natchez which served as their main ceremonial centers between the late 1600s and early 1700s. The Grand Village has also added fascinating virtual reality experiences through Timelooper.

Experience Natchez up close

~Kick back with a cold sip on a pretty porch~

Natchez is also home to an abundance of porches, which makes for the perfect outdoor dining experience and some of the best food you’ve ever put in your mouth. Plus, the Downtown Go-Cup district means you can take your adult beverage on the go and hop from the patio to the bar and on down to the river to enjoy the sunset. There’s a lot to choose from, but here are a few favorite:  Cocktail hour at The Guest House (arguably one of the best porches in Natchez), Biscuits & Blues (because Natchez is the “biscuit capital of the world”), Fat Mama’s Tamales (because – award-winning tamales!), and Natchez Brewing Company (a local craft brew is always a must).

Natchez, Mississippi: This Riverside Town is Home to Gorgeous Views and Epic Food

~Magic along the banks of the Mississippi River~

If you’re looking for the best sunset spot, every local is going to point you toward Bluff Park. Elevated over the banks of the Mighty Mississippi, this vantage point hosts the most idyllic view of the area. From here you can watch the river’s mood shift and change with the weather and capture the last rays of the sun plunge behind the far banks.  If you catch the historic vibes and need to find yourself a saloon, make your way to Under-the-Hill Saloon. As one of the oldest buildings and situated along the port area. You’ll find great drinks and live music right along the river side, along with front porch rockers to catch the sunset.

The Waters of Trempealeau Wisconsin

~Get Your Info ~

For quick reference on which shops and establishments are open for business, be sure to check out this comprehensive list. Also, be sure to stay up-to-date on current COVID-19 measures and policies within the City of Natchez. Don’t forget to swing by the visitor’s center when you get to town. It’s a massive welcome center and the folks there are happy to help you learn more about the area’s history and guide you in crafting your itinerary.


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