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A Civil War-themed cruise takes you on an amazing journey through “the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion” where historic skirmishes pitted brother against brother in a nation once divided. You will have the opportunity to delve into the tactics, both military and political, that shaped the events of the American Civil War.

Civil War River Boat Curise

Civil War: A Historical Perspective

The riverways were key for both sides in the Civil War. Rivers aided in moving equipment and troops and helped keep communication flowing. On a themed river boat cruise you can expect onboard presentations as well as historic ports-of-call which offer opportunities to dive deep into the American Civil War. All while enjoying the pampering travel experience of a cruise vacation.
Civil War River Boat Curise
Visit sites along the Tennessee, Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Including New Madrid, MO where the Union Army laid siege to the city for 11 days before occupying it, and Paducah, KY where the Battle of Paducah led to a confederate win as they came out of it with more supplies, but didn’t gain control of the region. You’ll also visit Savannah, TN where one of the best preserved battlefields in the nation can be found at Shiloh National Military park.
Civil War River Boat Curise
New Orleans to Memphis, or vice versa, is the most popular river cruise on the Mississippi and has the most departure dates. But don’t let the number of dates fool you. They will sell out! Civil War history comes alive in Vicksburg, MS the place Lincoln declared to be the “key to the South”. You’ll also visit Natchez, MS where the destruction of the Civil War spared many antebellum homes that can be toured today.
Civil War River Boat Curise

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