Driftless Wisconsin Launches Come Out and Play

Driftless Wisconsin (June 7, 2021):  Driftless Wisconsin has been awarded year-two funding for its successful campaign  “Come Out and Play! Driftless Wisconsin: your outdoor recreation playground.”   The JEM (Joint Effort Marketing) grant from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism will allow for the continuation of the campaign designed to promote the area during the summer to potential visitors and help area businesses recover from the covid-19 economic crisis.

These grant funds are being used for advertising campaigns directed at potential visitors including active, outdoor enthusiasts; experiential travelers; and families and couples who live in the regional drive market. The campaign is designed to drive visitors to the “doorstep” of small businesses and communities on the Driftless Wisconsin website, www.driftlesswisconsin.com; those most in need of economic relief from the covid-19 crisis.

The theme of the campaign throughout the summer is about inviting visitors to “Come Out and Play! Driftless Wisconsin: your outdoor recreation playground.” The campaign builds on Driftless Wisconsin being an outdoor recreation haven, a primary marketing strength according to research. Visitors are looking for rural destinations away from city congestion. Driftless Wisconsin is well-positioned to welcome visitors anxious to escape to an area abundant with open spaces, tranquil settings, and welcoming communities.

“Travelers are eager to get outside and enjoy themselves after a long winter of isolation during the pandemic. Our area businesses are equally excited to welcome them to the Driftless area,” said Eric Frydenlund, Administrator of Driftless Wisconsin. “This JEM grant will help promote the optimism for 2021 felt by both the visitor and business people as we look forward to spending time outdoors in this beautiful region. I would like to thank Crawford County and Vernon County for their financial support of the campaign and also the many communities that offered letters of support for the application.”

Driftless Wisconsin received $16,275 from the JEM (Joint Effort Marketing) Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. The money will be used for the administration, content marketing, vacation sweepstakes, campaign social posts, branding, and digital advertising.

The marketing campaign runs through the end of October and is geared towards visitors within a drive market radius including Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Iowa.

About Driftless Wisconsin 

Driftless Wisconsin was formed in 2008 as a collaboration of the Crawford County Tourism Council, Vernon County Tourism Council, and the Kickapoo Valley Association. For more information about Driftless Wisconsin or the JEM Grant, contact Administrator Eric Frydenlund at 608-326-6658 or email Admin@DriftlessWisconsin.com.

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