5 Must-See Attractions Around the Pascagoula River!

The Pascagoula River is the largest and last free-flowing river in the contiguous United States. Eighty miles long and flowing through southeastern Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico. The Pascagoula River basin is home to 25% of the state’s alligator population. Despite this, there has never been a single alligator attack reported.

The river is formed by the confluence of the Leaf and Chickasawhay Rivers and flows through swampy bottomlands in George and Jackson counties as it forms several bayous and channels. There are many attractions around the river that highlights the beauty of the Pascagoula River.

5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

The Round Island Lighthouse, built in 1859, once stood off the coast of the city of Pascagoula on Round Island as a beacon for mariners. After being damaged by hurricanes, it was moved to the mainland in 2010. It was then extensively restored and opened to the public. Sitting at the western gateway of Pascagoula city, it is open for tours and continues to welcome and educate visitors who enjoy tales of adventures and historical facts.

Turtle River Winterfest

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Located in Moss Point, the Pascagoula River Audubon Center is an educational getaway to exploring nature and bayou habitats. The center opens many opportunities for its visitor to learn, have fun, and explore nature through their programs. You get to experience the land’s flora and fauna as the Center grows over 25 species of native plants in its botanical garden. They have activities that are beneficial for adults and kids alike. You can also explore the Center by strolling along the trails and visiting the art gallery. ​

5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

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The LaPointe-Krebs House and Museum are located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Pascagoula. The house was built in 1757, dating from the French Colonial period, and is the oldest structure in Mississippi.  Formerly known as the Old Spanish Fort, the house predates the American Revolutionary War by over two decades. The museum informs the public of the LaPointe-Krebs house’s rich history and of the diverse groups that were settled in the house and its surrounding area.

5 Ways to Get Outside on the Turtle River

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One of the best ways to appreciate the Pascagoula River is to have a close-up experience by taking a tour. McCoy’s River and Marsh Tours offers nature tours that allow guests to experience the harder to reach small bayous and sloughs of the swamp and marsh. Captain Lynn and Captain Benny are “Master Naturalists” and enjoy showing visitors the plants and wildlife that make up this beautiful river. You might be able to spot wildlife such as white-tailed deer, alligators, and wild hogs.

Off Roading with ATVs and UTVs

Another way to experience the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48 states is by experiencing it yourself. The Pascagoula River Blueway has several access points.  The Jackson County portion of the Blueway is around 10 miles long which could take up to six hours to complete paddling. As a natural estuary, the Pascagoula River hosts an abundant amount of animal life that includes 22 endangered species. The trail also boasts over 300 species of plants and holds notable historical locations and economic treasures. If you are an experienced paddler, the Pascagoula River Blueway in George County at almost 23 miles in length, is ideal for experiencing the slower backwaters of the main river.


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