Life Onboard a River Cruise: Viking Mississippi

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You’ve been curious.  Of course, who wouldn’t be?  Those big boats floating down the river conjure up images of Mark Twain and grand adventures on the Mississippi.  The happy passengers waving from their lounge chairs on what looks like their own private balcony, and if you happen to be where the boats dock, seeing the guest go off on excursions unknown.  Where are they going? What do they do on the boat? Well, let’s take a look!

You can have all the experiences in the new Viking Mississippi which was inspired by the award-winning Viking Longships® and includes their “clean Scandinavian design”. Everything has been planned down to the simplest detail including the boats public spaces, dining areas, the sun terrace and pool and a 360-degree view from the promenade deck to catch the amazing scenic views.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay 

~It’s time to chill!~

River cruises move at a slower pace than life in general.  There is time to sit and watch the banks of the river slide past and enjoy the tableaus of Americana.  Little riverside communities, delta backwaters, and the people and animals that live along the Mississippi.  The views are mesmerizing, but that is not all there is to do. Like the Viking Mississippi, most cruises are themed and there is daily, and nightly, live entertainment.  Maybe Broadway caliber entertainers, maybe award-winning musicians, historians, storytellers, and more. 

The Viking Heart of the Delta Trip has you immersed in the Delta from New Orleans to Memphis, TN. From historic mansions like the Houmas House, to the USS Kidd Destroyer, Waterfall hikes, Chef-Hosted Lunches, a stop by the Vicksburg National Military Park or stay onboard and book an appointment with the spa, plus many more excursions and opportunities for entertainment.

Image by Guillermo Muro from Pixabay 

~Riverboat Dining~

One thing river cruises are known for is traveling in luxury, and dining on a riverboat is indeed a time of pampering.  Enjoy fine dining experiences brought to you by world class chefs. Many river boats use fresh, local ingredients to craft unique cuisine.  But if you’re looking for a quick bite, riverboats offer several dining experiences, and you never go hungry with a variety of snacks available throughout the day to fill in the empty corners.

On the Viking Mississippi, you may try the River Café, featuring Americana fair and some Norwegian specialties or the Aquavit Terrace, if you want to dine alfresco and enjoy American barbecue at its best.

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay


Mississippi river cruises can be as unique as you are.  Themed cruises may focus on Civil War history, the music of the Delta, Mark Twain, Antebellum South and so many more choices.  It may be a good idea to talk with a travel agent to help you narrow down what would be the best choice for you, because getting off the boat to explore is half the fun.  River cruises tend to follow a day or two on the Mississippi, followed by a day on land. Boats dock in river communities who are happy to share their history and culture with the boat passengers.  Pre-made itineraries make the exploration easy, and you know you’re hitting the highlights.

Imagine yourself on the bow of the ship and start planning your Viking Heart of the Delta Trip with USA River Cruises, Save up to $1000 per couple on the 2021 Inaugural Season!  Includes a $150 on board credit and a FREE pre night hotel!


When you’re onboard a USA River Cruise, everything is taken care of. You won’t have to worry about car rentals or driving from unfamiliar city to unfamiliar city. No more stressing out about securing overnight accommodations. And forget all about trying to decide where to eat!


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