Fun Outdoors in the Driftless

Driftless Wisconsin

The Driftless region of Wisconsin was missed by the last ice age leaving the bluffs, ridges and valleys cut by the many rivers and streams, untouched.  The beauty of the area and it’s interesting topography lends itself easily to outdoor opportunities.  Hiking, biking, or paddling; there are some great natural spaces to immerse yourself in with plenty of room to keep a social distance.


The Mississippi River and its backwaters and sloughs have several marked trails throughout the Driftless.  But if you are looking to take the family for an easy paddle on a river that truly showcases the Driftless, the Kickapoo River might be exactly what you want.  This twisting river meanders its way through a state park and a land reserve, with sandstone bluffs and river islands to enjoy.  Like to get out on the water, but a motor is more appealing than being self-propelled?  From houseboat rentals to some of the best fishing spots, they got you covered.

Fun Outdoors in the Driftless


Want to hit some trails?  Driftless Wisconsin has some great options.  Whether you’re looking for grand overlooks of the Mississippi River Valley or rugged hikes into the depths of the Driftless, you’ll find it.  Getting outdoors is a part of life in this region and you may be surprised by the wealth of trails available to you. 


Single track mountain bike trails or multi-use trails, can be found in several parks throughout the Driftless.  If you’re a rails to trails fan, the Elroy Sparta Bike Trail is the oldest in the country with three tunnels, two a quarter mile long, and one three-quarter mile.  If you take the trail, bring a flashlight, it’s pitch black in the middle of the longest tunnel and you’ll need to walk your bike through.  It’s always cooler in the tunnel, and a nice respite on a summer day.

Fun Outdoors in the Driftless


You can download a map of Driftless Wisconsin here, or request one on their website.  There are plenty of lodging options from hotels to cabins to camp grounds, as well as regional restaurants, breweries and wineries to check out.


Driftless Wisconsin

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