Best of the River is focused on the best attractions, accommodations,  food & drink, and trails & tours along the Great River Road from northern Minnesota down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Best Tour

1.Underground Railroad Shuttle Tours (Alton, IL)

The two-hour guided shuttle tours will stop at some of the sites that were part of the Underground Railroad system including Rocky Fork Church, Enos Apartments and more. 

2.Galena Trolley Tours (Galena, IL)

Galena Trolley Tours has historically and architecturally narrated tours. Enjoy beautiful views as well as wonderful photo opportunities. Going daily and open year round.

3.Delta Bohemian Tours (Clarksdale, MS)

Tours are authentic, organic and rife with opportunity to meet local “characters,” while garnering a fuller awareness and understanding of the land, its people and the blues.

4.Potosi Brewery Tour (Potosi, WI)

Guided tours through this state-of-the-art facility also include, 4 beer samples, a Potosi glass, and a pint of the Potosi tap beer of your choice from the Brewpub.

5.Spook Cave & Campground (McGregor, IA)

Experience Spook Cave’s unique and fun underground boat tour! As your boat enters the base of a 90′ bluff, view stalactites and other natural formations.

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