Our company represents years of passion for cruising and a strong dedication to customer service and cruise vacations. We have been a family-owned company since 1996, finally growing into what we are today: a corporation featuring small-ship cruises, that puts service first.

When calling us you with speak with a knowledgeable cruise agent, with years of experience in small ship cruise vacations. Our agents want to “Imagine the Journey” with you and can help customize your cruise vacation from the moment you leave home until the time you return – every aspect of your travel will be taken care of by your agent.

We specialize in small-ship cruises (ships that hold less than 900 passengers) and rail trips. Our passion began locally, with the ships on the Columbia River, but we have grown to appreciate river cruise vacations all over the United States, as well as all over the world! Our agents are trained and have personal experience on board many of our ships, which is why USA River Cruise agents are the small-ship cruising and cruise vacation experts.

USA River Cruises
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