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Outdoors in the Heartland of Fort Madison, Iowa

Fort Madison, Iowa

The Mississippi River supports not only the commerce that moves along it, but it makes access to the heartland easier as it winds its way through picturesque landscapes and communities that make up the tapestry of The Great River Road.  You’ll find much to do among the waterways of Southeast Iowa.

Outdoors in the Heartland of Fort Madison, Iowa


The southeast corner of Iowa has a trifecta of rivers and Fort Madison is well situated for a short drive to many places to get out and play on the water.  Skunk River to the North (named for the smell as wild onions abound at its headwaters), Des Moines River to the South (that also acts as the Missouri/Iowa border), and the Mississippi River to the East (including Pool 19 which is full of islands, side channels and backwaters).   This corner of Iowa offers great opportunities for boaters.  Anything from power boats to kayaks and canoes, even the occasional paddle boarder heads out to enjoy these waters.

Outdoors in the Heartland of Fort Madison, Iowa Hunting


There are some Lee County Conservation Lands near Fort Madison, IA  that offer rifle, shotgun and bow hunting for deer, pheasants, turkey and duck.   You can find a map of locations open for public hunting here.  In particular you will find over 2,000 acres of premier waterfowl hunting areas along the Mississippi River’s Pool 19.

Outdoors in the Heartland of Fort Madison, Iowa


Catching fish in Iowa’s waters are very often safe to eat, in almost all cases you can enjoy frying up what you catch.   With over 20 species of fish, fishing along the banks of Cooper Lake aka: Pool 19 of the Mississippi and its tributaries is a fisherman’s dream; from Channel Cat to big mouth bass.

Outdoors in the Heartland of Fort Madison, Iowa

~Get Outdoors~

Come to southeastern Iowa and find great locations for hiking, biking, camping and bird watching.  Iowa’s DNR offers great information for travelers.  Remember there are hunting and fishing license requirements and some fees may be involved in camping.  With both state sponsored and privately owned cabin rentals available as well.  Come enjoy the American Heartland’s great outdoors.


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